English Faqs


English FAQs

    Q – What are spoken English courses?

    These courses are designed to improve the English speaking of language learners.


    Q – What are the components of spoken English courses?

    The focus is laid on functional grammar and various classroom activities in the form of individual, pair and group. These are conducted to enhance the speaking skills.


    Q – What type of resource material is helpful to improve English Language?

    We have in house developed Spoken English workbook and English Grammar Rule Book. These books are a useful resource for English Language learners.


    Q – How can I improve my level of English Language?

    Our expertise, in the field of language teaching, made us evolve our own methodology. Our courses are meticulously designed which cater to the individual needs of language learners, of different levels. By joining our spoken English courses, you can become fluent in its usage.


    Q – How much time will I take to become fluent English speaker?

    By following the strategies and techniques taught in our classes, you will become confident in English Speaking, by the end of the course.


    Q – Is there any crash course on English available?

    You can join our Holiday English course. It is designed for school and college students to improve their English, during their school and college vacations. Theses crash courses are offered during summer, autumn and winter vacations.


    Q – How can I improve my professional English?

    Our Business / Professional English course aims to develop oral and written communication skills of business men and professionals. The course teaches to write memos, minutes of the meetings, project reports, placing orders, asking for quotations, presentation skills, computer skills etc.


    Q – How can I keep my speaking practice on going?

    Our English Club provides English environment. Members of the club meet at regular intervals. In a comfortable set up they read, watch and discuss together. This environment helps them to relax and learn new things. They improve their level of English.