English Overview


English Overview

    English is the Language of the global village. It is used everywhere around the world. Due to globalization, boundaries are shrinking thus making this world a small place to live in. The common mode of communication is English, these days.


    English is the Language of trade & commerce, arts, science & technology. For bright employment chances and for advance studies, one must be capable of communicating in English Language. But, in those countries where English is not the first Language, people are unable to communicate in English. They need professional guidance to excel in the world of English Language.


    English is needed to survive and excel in this fast moving world. The knowledge of this language is sine qua non in the field of education, scientific research and medicine. For advanced education, the medium of instruction is English only. English keeps one abreast with latest developments happening around the world.


    The glorious heritage of the whole world is available in written form. Manuscripts of various cultures are translated in to English only. Having the knowledge of English, makes it convenient to enrich one’s wisdom. The world literature is a great source of information and recreation.


    In today’s modern world, Internet is used in every sphere of life. People are connected to one another via social sites. All the communication is done in English Language. E-books are available for book lovers. E- learning, for academic purposes, is again done in English Language. So, the knowledge of English is indispensable these days.