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    MIND MAKER’S IELTS course is intensive and rigorous. Through orientation, students learn to understand the concept confidently and then apply techniques to practice questions. MIND MAKER has designed specific IELTS preparation tools for students, to unlock their exam potential.


    MIND MAKER aims to provide students, preparing for the IELTS exam, with a high quality preparation course material and opportunities to practice exam techniques with access to IELTS practice tests. 8 hours lesson daily along with skills development sessions and fluency class is the key to success. Most of our students are getting band 7 and above.



    Orientation Week

    After admission, student is sent to the Orientation classes which go on for a week. This is the route to IELTS, which is emphasized properly. Various skills are developed in the orientation, which are needed to score high in the IELTS. After these sessions student feels confident to dive into core preparation classes.



    We are running a Pre-IELTS course. This course is intended for those students who are not yet ready to take our full IELTS exam preparation course but who would like to prepare for the course with IELTS-type learning material and get to know more about the exam itself. This course help students to understand the concept of various skills required in IELTS.


    IELTS Tutorials for listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Grammar

    We offer highly specialized one-to-one tuition sessions/ small group tutorials in Reading, Writing, Speaking, listening and Grammar for IELTS candidates who need to improve in specific areas to obtain a credible score on the IELTS. These one-hour sessions provide highly intensive individual training to develop essential language skills. Our teachers use most effective techniques and materials to practice various skills. By the end of the course, candidates are able to handle language more effectively and with greater confidence. The Tutorials have proved most effective in improving IELTS scores.


    IELTS Examination Batch

    This practice batch is of advance level. It is only for those who have booked their test date. 5 days prior to exam, student is moved to examination batch, in which student will practice listening, writing, speaking and Reading tests every day. The latest speaking topics are practised. The practice material of advance level is shared at this step. These intensive practice sessions along with individual Feedback sessions help students a lot, to score well. Students are guided on time management also.


    IELTS Pre-Test

    Pre-Test is a general test that provides valuable practice of listening, reading, writing and speaking modules as per real examination conditions. This test is ideal for the candidates who want to establish their language ability according to IELTS standards. Candidates receive an approximate band score for all the four modules through pre-test results. They come to know about their weak areas and can prepare accordingly for the official IELTS test. Pre-test is conducted twice a month and can be booked one week prior to the test date. Please note that this test is not an official IELTS test and the pre-test results may vary from the official results.


    Special benefits of getting training at Mind Maker:

    Full day ( 8 hrs.) and half day ( 5 hrs.) class ( Monday to Friday)

    Weekly mock test/ level test

    Special grammar class

    Daily four module practice

    Daily fluency/ vocabulary classes twice

    In house developed updated study material

    Daily writing and speaking samples

    Daily reading and listening vocabulary handouts

    Speaking practice session of approx. 2 hrs. daily.

    Access to unlimited Reading and Listening practice tests.

    BCD&IDP trained and certified faculty

    TESOL certified language trainers

    Highly conducive and disciplined environment for learners.

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