Industrial Training


Industrial Training

Industrial training not only adds a certificate to your resume folder, instead it gives you practical knowledge of tag “how things works in your chosen stream”. Moreover industrial training done from reputed institute adds extra points to your profile, whenever you will be sitting for an interview.


Mind Maker has been providing training to the students in the following modules:

Software Development using .NET technology

Software Development using JAVA technology

Industrial Training on PHP

Industrial Training on Android Technology

Industrial Training on Software Technology

Industrial Training on Web Development and Designing


For the above courses training is provided in the following modes:

Six Week’s Training : This is for the Undergraduate and Diploma Students Seeking their six weeks training in accordance with the curriculum.

Six Month’s Training : This course is for Undergraduate and Post Graduate students of IT and other related courses. This course provides real time experience to the candidates and exposure to a professional working environment.

Essential Career Skills : This course doesn’t require you to have any qualification or degree to enrol as this course is meant for an individual who is eager to develop the programming skills.