Interview Preparation


Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Visiting foreign countries for various purposes is becoming a trend in these days. People travel to the different part of the world for education, business, work and even for permanent settlement. Most of the countries allow entry after interviews. In order to check the candidates a number of technical and common questions are asked.

We prepare the candidates according to the kind and nature of the interview.


For embassy and foreign university interview:

Candidates are trained by conducting mock telephonic, skype and face to face interview sessions.


For Job interviews :

candidates are taught;

how to write an impressive cover letter

how to write an strong resume or cv to get an interview

how to develop effective communication and soft skills

how to convince the panel to hire you.

Development of presentation skills, mock group discussions and confidence building strategies are taught.


The SWOT analysis helps the candidates to thrash out the fear factor and makes them ready to sell their potential in respective sectors.