Degree and Diploma Courses

The education system in the world is growing rapidly with a numerous new technological milestones being implemented and added constantly. The new modes of education in the present day world have led to improved teachers and students’ interaction both in the classrooms and even outside.

In recent decades, the use of information and communication technologies for educational purposes has increased and the spread of network technologies has caused e- learning practices to evolve significantly.

Distance learning/ e- learning and on- line learning are such modes of education which are preferred by learners these days. In distance learning mode students are directly connected to the university. This is often known as e-learning also. This type of teaching and learning system is carried out by using electronic communication. As e- learning is more flexible in terms of time and can be delivered virtually anywhere, benefits students and as well as employees.

At Mind Maker, we provide an opportunity to the learners to get Diploma, Degree from various recognized universities at National and International level, through e-learning and on-line learning mode.

Benefits of e-learning/ on- line Learning

Distance education/ e- learning /on- line learning modes make lifelong learning possible. Along with enhanced access to educational opportunities, theses offer convenience, flexibility and affordability .There are numerous benefits of distance/ e-learning/ on-line learning; some of them are mentioned below:


Lots of flexibility

With distance learning courses, students can complete their course work from just about anywhere, provided there’s a computer and internet connection. This allows students to work when and where it is more convenient for them without having to squeeze in scheduled classes to an already busy life.


Lowered costs

Prices for Distance courses are generally cheaper than their on-campus counterparts and you won’t have to worry about commuting, moving or getting meal plans on campus, some additional benefits are like learning from home.


Learn while working

As distance learning can usually be completed on your own schedule, it is much easier to complete distance learning courses while working than more traditional educational programs. Keeping your job gives you more income, experience and stability while completing your degree giving you less to worry about and more time to focus on your studies.


Suitable for everyone

It is suitable mode for every person for instance students, businessmen, working professionals, housewives and beneficial to any individual who wants to pursue higher education without interrupting their lives/ jobs.


No constraint of time/place

Distance education allows flexibility to study anytime of the day. Students may choose to study in the comfort of their homes, while travelling, while they are in the waiting area of a railway station or an airport, or other place where they wish to be.


Age no bar

Age is no bar for anyone wishing to pursue further education.


Increase in remuneration and promotion potential

One can always enhance his /her academic and professional knowledge by opting for distance education programme which in turn helps in increasing one’s remuneration and promotional potential. Additional qualification gives an edge to an individual over his peers and colleagues.