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    Q – What is PTE?

    It is a language proficiency test. It is a computer based test and one is assessed on four skills of English Language-listening, reading, writing and speaking.


    Q – What is the eligibility to take PTE test?

    Anyone who has passed senior secondary can take the test. One must have valid passport also.


    Q – When can I book my PTE test date?

    You can book on line 48 hours advance or book by phone just 24 hrs. before the test (depending upon the availability of the seat).


    Q – Where can I take my test?

    With a network of test centers around the world, it is easy to find a location to suit you.


    Q – When is the result declared?

    The result can be declared in 24 hours. The maximum time taken to announce the result is 5 working days. The test result report is sent online.


    Q – How many Question types are there in the test?

    There are total 20 question types in the whole test. In speaking 5 , writing-2, listening-8 and in reading-5 different question types are given to solve. Partial credits are given to students also.


    Q – Where can I get more information about the PTE?

    Kindly fill the enquiry form available on the webpage. We will contact you at the earliest. You can contact also through contact links available on the home page. Alternatively, you may visit us personally to meet our PTE faculty.

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