Skill Shortage in Ireland

Skill Shortage

Economic Sector Occupation Job Titles
Information Technology ICT Professional Computer Systems Managers, Computer Analysts, Computer Programmers, Computer Testers
Healthcare Health Professionals Registered Nurses, Registered Midwives, Medical Practitioners, Specialist Nurses, Pharmacists/Pharmacologists, Dental Practitioners
Healthcare Health Associate Professionals Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Orthoptists, Medical Physicists, Dieticians, Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Medical Scientists, Physiotherapists, ECG technicians, Cardiac Catheterisation Technicians, Neurophysiological Measurement Technicians, Vascular Technicians, Respiratory Technicians, GI Function Technicians, Audiologists, Biochemists, Medical Radiographers
Industry Professional Engineers and Technologists Civil, Mining, Electrical, Software, Chemical, Design and Development, Planning and Quality Control, Network, Validation, Product Development, Process and Equality
Industry Construction Professionals Building Managers, Architects, Quantity and other Surveyors
Education/Healthcare/Industry Researchers and Natural Scientists Researchers, Chemists, Physicists, Natural Scientists, Biological Scientists, Material Scientists
Financial Business and Financial Professionals and Associate Professionals Chartered and Certified Accountants, Management Consultants, Business Analysts, Actuaries, Economists, Statisticians, Underwriters, Claims Assessors and Analysts, Risk Professionals, Security Specialists, Fund and Investment Management Specialists, Common Law Jurisdiction Lawyers with experience in the financial services sector, Investment Funds Professionals, Fund Accountants, Fund Valuations Professionals, Fund Administrators, Custody Specialists, Transfer Agents, Hedge Fund Specialists, Compliance Specialists, Risk Specialists, Tax Experts, Legal Experts
Industry/ Services Specialist Managers Marketing and other specialist manager.