Step by Step Guide Canada

Overseas Education

Step by Step Guide in Canada

Step 1 – Perfect counselling

Your plans for studying in Canada will be fulfilled with the professional guidance of our trained and expert counsellors who are always ready with updated information to guide you. After taking student preference of college and course, your eligibility will be checked and based on assessment, final decision is taken for the course and college.



Step 2 – Offer Letter

With required fee, an application is placed in the college for procuring offer letter. When offer letter is received then we guide you to arrange further documents.



Step 3 – Arranging documents

A detailed information will be provided to arrange all the documents, required to support your visa and course applications, according to the requirements of the Canadian High Commission. We guide you to arrange, Language Proficiency Test and all Academic Documents, Legal Affidavits and Financial Documents.



Step 4 – GIC in Nova Scotia

Meanwhile an application for the GIC account is sent through the secure email of Nova Scotia Bank to open an account in student’s name. On the confirmation of account opening, student can proceed further.



Step 5 – Fee Remittance

At this stage Student pays both the college fee and GIC payment to the college account and his personal GIC account respectively. Then fee receipt form college and GIC account statement from bank is received. Both of these documents are very important and are to be included in the application lodged for student visa with General Counsellor of Canada.



Step 6 – Medical

Student has to undergo a medical examination by one of the doctors approved by Canadian Government. The receipt of doctor is required to include in the visa application file.



Step 7 – File Lodgement

After arranging all the documents, according to the checklist shared earlier, all the forms required for lodging an application for student visa are filled and signed by the student and then the application is lodged with General Counsellor of Canada.



Step 8 – Decision

The outcome of the file is communicated to the designated contact person within stipulated time frame. Student is informed immediately about the decision.



Step 9 – Visa Endorsement

In case of approval of application, visa label is placed into the passport and student is informed to collect his passport.



Step 10 – Pre-Departure Orientation

You will be fed with the information that will help you during the journey and in the new environment like transportation system, weather conditions, accommodation, culture and lifestyle of your destination to avoid facing difficulties.



Step 11 – Fly to Your Dream Destination

With Mind Maker, you fly hassle free. We help you to organize your travel arrangements including foreign currency, insurance, air ticket and international mobile number. The journey doesn’t stop here. We are concerned with the successful completion of your course and bright employment opportunities also.