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    As orientation is the route to success, so highly interactive sessions are conducted in orientation class to introduce the TOEFL iBT® test format, skills and strategies which are essential to Strengthen all 4 skills and to crack the language test. This step makes the learner adopt right approaches for high score in less time duration.


    Teaching Methodology

    A class, of 4 hours, is provided daily from Monday to Friday. In regular practice classes, Intensive practice of all four skills is done. The essential skills which are developed in MIND MAKER for best TOEFL iBT® preparations are Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Note taking, Summarizing, Paraphrasing, Outlining, Mind Mapping, Synthesizing, Skimming, Scanning and Typing speed.


    Practice Tests

    The best way to prepare for the TOEFL is to practice doing the tests. MIND MAKER provides a plenty of Practice tests which provides good practice and are a barometer to judge abilities. These Practice tests provide the real look and feel of the examination.


    Computer Practice

    Individual computers are provided for practice daily, to have the real time experience of the exam. Regular mock tests are conducted for regular assessment of the progress.


    Online – Mock Test

    A mock test is conducted on every Saturday. Appropriate Feedback on the performance of the students, during regular practice classes and mock test, is given, at regular intervals. Individual attention is provided. Students are guided to work on their weak areas, based on their mock test result.


    Complementary Classes

    For the desired progress of candidates, extra class for typing practice is provided. For those, who are weak in grammar, separate classes are arranged to clarify the grammatical doubts.


    In House developed study material

    The study material used in classrooms and given for extra practice is developed in house by qualified and experienced trainers. This material helps the students in their rigorous practice sessions. Endless on line mock test series are shared with students. Latest and updated material is given.


    Qualified Trainers

    The language trainers, who train students for taking the test, are nationally and internationally trained and certified.

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