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    Q – What is the fee for TOEFL?

    The cost to take the TOEFL is US$170.
    In addition to the cost of taking the TOEFL other charges may apply in certain circumstances:
    For late registration an additional charge of US$35 will apply
    For rescheduling a charge of US$60 will apply
    To reinstate a cancelled score costs US$20
    The TOEFL exam fee is subject to change without notice. The above amounts are exclusive of the Value Added or similar taxes. Those taxes are payable in addition to the amount quoted.


    Q – How do I register for TOEFL?

    You can register online or by phone or by mail. The detailed information about registering for the TOEFL can be found at


    Q – How many times can I take TOEFL?

    TOEFL can be taken unlimited number of times.(It is highly advisable not to appear for TOEFL too many times as it may affect the applicant’s candidature).


    Q – What is the validity of the TOEFL exam?

    Your TOEFL score will be valid for 2 years after from the date the test was taken.


    Q – What is the scoring pattern?

    Scoring is between 0 (Minimum) and 120 (Maximum) with 10-point increment. Four scores are reported on the TOEFL:
    – Reading score reported on a 0-30 score scale.
    – Listening score reported on a 0-30 score scale.
    – Writing score reported on a 0-30 score scale.
    – Speaking score reported on a 0-30 score scale.


    Q – How soon do I get my score?

    The scores are available online 2 weeks after the exam date.


    Q – How do I pass on my score to the colleges where I want to apply to?

    The universities only accept official scores sent directly by ETS. Scores to four colleges can be sent free of cost from the time of TOEFL registration to 24 hours before the test date. Subsequently, for each score report sent to a college, you would have to pay $17.


    Q – Do universities consider photocopies of the TOEFL scorecard? Do I have to send scores through ETS?

    No, photocopies are not accepted. You have to send your scores only through ETS.


    Q – If I take TOEFL more than once, which score will be considered by the universities?

    Almost all the universities take the best score.


    Q – Do I need to have the TOEFL score at the time of applying to universities?

    No, you do not need to have the TOEFL score with you at the time of applying. But you are required to take the TOEFL before the deadline of the university.


    Q – Is TOEFL mandatory for applying to undergrad programs outside India?

    TOEFL is mandatory for Undergraduate, MS, PhD and most MBA courses across the world. However, a few universities in the USA and all universities in the UK and Australia accept IELTS scores. The Top 15 colleges in the US might waive the TOEFL requirement provided you are able to produce a proof that your Undergraduate degree had English as its mode of instruction.


    Q – What is the minimum TOEFL score that I need?

    For admission, one has to score over 80 for MS and undergrad programs, over 100 for PhD and MBA courses. Usually a score of 100 is required for students who are looking for financial aid/scholarships.


    Q – Where can I get more information about the TOEFL?

    Kindly fill the enquiry form available on the webpage. We will contact you at the earliest. You can contact also through contact links available on the home page. Alternatively, you may visit us personally to meet our TOEFL faculty.

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